Sunday, June 17, 2007

Backjumps 2007 report No.ZWEI

Just when the first one got put up here, another lands in my mailbox...thanks chimp!!!

"CHIMP REPORT nummer zwei

11pm, I´ve worked 12 hours straight, and have another hour to go.

Blu is sitting behind me checking mails. He is making an animation as his piece in the show. painstakingly painting each frame on the wall in black, photographing it, then painting it out with white and painting the next frame. In the end, his room will be empty except for the painted over piece and a tv showing the animation. Brad is in another room constructing a tower of giant sized xmas presents, and the Cuba Brazil dudes are building Havana...

mosquitos are biting my ass so I´m going back to the painting...

schlaf ich heut nacht nicht ein


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