Monday, October 1, 2007

Im back....

I know you all probably dont care, but i am sorry i have been so shit on the blog / email front....but things have been busy, but all in a productive busy way...but anyway onto the blogging!....First is this AWESOME book for Dash Snow.
Now many people over here (London) just hear the L.E.S hype or the Saatchi collecting, but i dont give a two fucks about hype as long as the artist is a) talented and b) continues to grow and produce great work, even as prices for his pieces skyrocket...and i think Dash Snow is a real real talent, and this book is a perfect production (or introduction) to his work. Covering his photos, collages and musings, this really is essential to anyone who wants to see a good artist working today, regardless of hye, hipscene or net celeb me a must have (even when your broke at £65).

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