Monday, July 30, 2007


Its true what they say, 'when you stop looking for it you will find it'. Some say that when they're having shitty luck with the opposite sex, but on saturday day it turned true for me when it came to finding a great artists work for the first time.
I stumbled across a book of GUIDO CREPAX, one of the euro masters of 60s-70s euro comics.
I had always loved Guy Peellaert (some of you my have the playgroup 'make it happen' 12"?), and i love pysch/ sixties finding a new maestro was a fucking great thing for me.
Mixing art deco style, sixties bubblegum references and more (is that the creature from naked lunch in one panel?) with just fantastic black and white style, this guy is stone cold super fucking good.
He later went on to do 'adult comics' which doesnt float my boat, as i think its fucking weird and wrong to get your kicks from a comic (it doesnt half reek of beardy old pervs with inky pens)...but you gotta admit some of his work is super slick. Interestingly from certain images in the book i got, and from what else of his work i have been seeing, Guido Creepax was knocking out stuff in the late sixties and early seventies that eerily closely resembles Frank Millers SIN CITY ladies and if you like that, you gotta do yourself a favour and check out GUIDO CREPAX

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