Monday, July 2, 2007


The Boredoms are awesome...if you like NOISE, then they are for you...if you are new to the boredoms then its hard to start explaining...theyve been around for years and years have brought out many amazing albums that are for ears that like pushing things to the edge.
The reason im posting this, is that my eyes have just seen the layout for their latest live gig in NY...the biggest repetitive drum circle ive seen outside of glastonbury (shitdreadlock white rastas in tye dye dungarees banging a bongo wailing like a surrey educated manu chao is one end of the scale, this is at the other end - the rad end). At the cenre is the boredoms, and it filters like chinese whispers to Hisham from Black Dice...i think it will be a live experiance like no other, and if i was in NY i would be there with a big bag of mushrooms (can you get them in the rotten apple?)


heres an early montage youtube clip

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