Sunday, July 22, 2007

Printed matter Round up

Here are some printed matter that i caught this weekend that i highly reccomend to anyone who wants to get some good shit on their shelf...

No.1- Backjumps live issue 3.
This is a thick old book for this years Backjumps festival in Berlin...and if you catch this blog regularly you know that i LOVE BACKJUMPS! This book is fucking great and it squeezes in great image after great image...for 200 plus pages! Well designed, super nice paper stock (for the nerds out there) this book is an instant winner...but the best thing is this...i have this book in my hands, buts its a limited edition that was out for the backjumps festival..and they are putting out a more definitive book soon, with pictures of the actual exhibition pieces, installation/work in progress pictures and a full retrospective of previous shows (featuring Banksy, Os Gemeos, Delta etc)...they say that it will be at least double the book that i have - so thats fat old 400+ pages! In a world where urban / street art books are more common than flies round dogshit its a welcome change where the book is actually really really really good and highly worth getting!

No.2 - [untitled]
Over the weekend some people met in East London and converged to make a zine together in a few hours. They all brought work and over some music and drink, they created hasnt a name (even though it has on the cover 'this is our time' it hasnt an official name) and the names of the people who put this together are not advertised, but is has some nice short stories about northern soul 45s and love, skatephotos, comics...the whole lot. Only 120 copies printed...but not available in shops or anywhere i think...BUT i have 3 copies spare, and if you would like to be one of the three, then put your name and email in the comments box, and the first three names and emails i will contact and youll get sent a copy

No.3-Life In Magik
A cool little Brian Chippendale-esque slice of rad pyschness, its by Leon Sandler and is really funny, really nicely printed little comic...try here for more information...

No.4 - Comics Comics
A BIG newspaper magazine from the awesome picturebox, it has some great articles on subjects ranging from how comic writing is linked to reincarnation, the awesome Guy Davies, Steve Gerber and more...not just for comic nerds (as i suspect many of you are probably thinking)..great articles, great images and as said its in a satisfying large newspaper format - as my fat cat Sparky models the 'cat to newspaper' sizing for you

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mysteriousal said...

Sparky is fucking HUGE, I'd say a good 2.5X the size of a normal cat... So this zine is like a ...Parachute?