Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Yokoo Tube

Sometimes youtube throws up some true greatness from some dark corner of the world, and it more than makes up for all the clips of fat kids pulling Jedi moves, or German teenagers rapping to Xzibit...today youtube produced a real rare treat in the form of some vintage classic animations from one of my absolute all time heavy hitting heroes - Tadanori Yokoo!
For those of you who dont know who he is, Tadanori Yokoo is one of those designers/artists whose sixties work perfectly sums up that era for me with their graphic pop style. NY had the Pushpin studio (Chwast, Glaser et all...), europe had Peelleart Edelmann and Creepax...Japan had Tadanori Yokoo....and i absolutly love it all (and this is my little blog after all).
Yokoo is a fucking legend that still works to this day (although retired from design, he focus on his fine art, but to me its all pretty damn fine art). Yokoo has always put out 1000% amazingamazingamzing work - from pyschy landscapes that could still dominate Deitch projects today to work that leans on Blake or Hockney.
Hes one of those artists that has a real strong back catalogue of work, varying across many themes and styles - basically he just shows up most people around... an absolute fucking genius...anyway, before i can crawl anymore up his arse, heres his sixties animations...

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daniel said...

all hail the ole yokoo!