Monday, July 23, 2007

Melody Caribou

My excitement for Caribou / Manitoba is getting high...why? After a long abscence of live dates i have now got tickets locked for his bardens boudoir gig and the Field day pysch festival...needless to say im as happy as a hippy at a Levellers Phish double bill.
In honour of my hypeness i post this video of his tune that has soundtracked this summer so far (whenever the rain subsides)...and i gotta say this video is deja vu for me, it reminds me of a time before MTV was widely had, and i would geek out over early nineties grunge rock like Slint or the Pixies and id finally catch the video to my favourite tune, and the video would seem a complete 180 from the tone of the song, it had a low budget with high art sensibilities and always always was filmed in a fucking quarry...awesome tune though...

oh and if you havent got this LP - YOU NEED IT

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