Sunday, July 15, 2007

Interesting homesick blues...

Todd Haynes who did that Velvet Goldmine film with Ewen McGregor, is making a new film on Dylan, and its gonna be extra special because... a) Dylan himself has given it his approval, and b) unlike those shitty Johnny Cash, Ray Charles movies where they glamorise the artist beyond any of their legendary shithead qualities, this film is aiming to give a better look at the personality of the by getting different actors to play different parts of Dylans life, and when i mean different actors i mean DIFFERENT actors....or should i even say actors at all? Because in the clip below Cate Blanchett plays Dylan meeting Allan Ginsberg.... all in all it looks like a diffrent and very interesting take on the stale music bio film...and doing new shit is always a good thing

PS Tobias Funke as Ginsberg! hell yes!

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