Friday, July 6, 2007


Just wanna say sorry for the lack of updates, but this is down to two things.... one, its been quiet on the ol' news front, and two, i have been busy...with what? well in the middle of the week i was asked to do a group show at the Old Shoreditch station, which will open next month (yikes!) time isnt on my side but it looks like its gonna be a hot show, so people get ready to come out and party at the opening night, thursday 16th!
But has anything come on my radar? well yes...

1- My friend Hugh used to run Math Magazine with Boo, and has turned into an 8bit pop superstar under the guise of Sportsday Megaphone...and he seems to be blowing up, and that is super awesome. This week he dropped his first 7" and as per his design background, its an awesomly tight pacakge with music and art...GET IT HERE

2- Wondershowzen Knowledge episode. Perhaps one of the best comedy episodes ever? of anything?

3- Futura & predicted, it looks amazing. I didnt make it to the private view as I was locked in a mess of things, but i cant wait to check it out and i urge you to do the same

4-Next months Dilly group show at Old Shoreditch station...opening thursday 16th!!! Gonna be HEAT

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