Sunday, February 22, 2009

Raspberry magazine

Im a lucky motherfucker...out of the nowhere i get an email asking if i wanted a copy of Raspberry magazine issue 2...a magazine i had never heard of before..and after my reply, a few days later i got a copy in the post... and as soon as i got it out the envelope i instantly had a big shit eating grin cemented on my and Raspberry magazine was truly love at first sight!
Hailing not from the lower east side but good old London town, it showcases the best in street photography...yes it has all the cliches of graf and general urban decay...but when its done good - its good, and when its fucking great - its fucking great... and this is as good as it gets.
Great design (already in the lead for cover of the year - if i ever do a best of the year list...), great photography (is that Barry mcgee and amaze?), great layout (cool new use of borders), great printing...and in a satisfyingly awesome big size, Raspberry 2 is awesome. Perfect? almost!

So where do you get it? i believe the great Claire De Rouen spot on Charing Cross road but other than that try Its in an edition of 50, so hurry because you dont wanna sleep on this...Raspberry magazine you dropped a stone cold classic with issue 2...the Dilly salutes you!

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Craterface said...

My favorite Designer/Publisher. EVER!!!!!