Sunday, February 1, 2009

Paul Ashley Brown

There is nothing better than loving something and that something getting better all the time...and of course im talking about the talents and zine output by the super talented one man printing industry, Paul Ashley Brown.
Recently he was kind enough to send me three of his latest offerings, that i just had to share here...

All are fantastic and are worth getting...hit him up at his email to get them -

Browner Knowle 3
In a letter to me Paul said that this might possibly be his last issue of Browner Knowle due to poor sales which is one of the saddest things to hear as this title keeps getting better and better (in every aspect - printing, illustration, story). If i was rich i would buy out his entire print run...but sadly im not! So in a weird fix, buy a copy (for only£2!) to support and keep great underground british comics alive, but also buy a copy to make sure you get one in case he does cease this soon to be classic title.
Again, its a collection of tales from Bristol city and a sense of melancoly runs through every panel, illustrated by great draftmanship.

Laurie Bird
a print run of 25, and only 4 left for sale so be quick if you want to catch Pauls homage to this actress who starred in 'Two - Lane bricktop' and committed suicide. She was also a photographer and girlfriend of Garfunkel....again, awesome - stylish, sombre, beautifully drawn and presented...

A mixture of outakes if you will, panels, thoughts and sketches that didnt make it in Pauls other zines..again you know someones talented when their 'b list' stuff is more interesting than half the other shit released by 'established' names...

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