Sunday, February 1, 2009

Comic Geek Post

I like comics...i aint no giant nerd where I can recall every single crossover Marvel ever dropped (300?) and i have never got personally offended by a film adaptation of a beloved comic ... but like most of you (i guess), i grew up with comics and have never really fully turned my back on them..nor would i want to! With the Watchmen film coming out very very soon i guarantee the worlds media will be over saturated quickly by the Watchmen hype machine and it is because of this i want to recommend a new series my friend has lent me, because it is very very good...THE BOYS.
Written by Garth Ennis who scripted the excellent Preacher, it is dirtier and less comic-book-as-literature than the Watchmen...but it straddles the same plot angle - looking at superheroes in a realistic way, de-throbing and de-mystifying them.
Here the superheroes are coked up, prostitute killing, caligula heirs, incompetent at solving superhero problems (in a parallel to 9-11 the superheroes are so shit they make a plane crash into the brooklyn bridge, killing thousands of innocents, paving the way for future world invasions....) . If you have read Preacher you know what to expect....its very violent, very humurous, and a strictly adult orientated series that is a real treat to read and a title that instantly hooks you in to this new, and familiar world.
Its panels are not explotative or focused to the 12 year old virgins in comic shops, as you might expect when i tell you its full of sex, gore and heavy swearing..but, its not, its aimed at 20 - 30 year old cynics that like comics...the people who grew up on superhero comics but with age find the idea of men in tights laughable and huge gaping plotholes at every turn.
So when the Watchmen hypes drop, forget the artwork (not my cup of tea) , and drop knowledge to all those new found comic converts ("yeah ive been into watchmen like forever")and point them in the direction of THE BOYS...

Watch this and tell me your not there...(warning - shit quality)

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