Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Altermodern at the Tate Britain

Recently many people have slept on the Tate Britain, overshadowed by its hyped partner - the Tate modern. The Tate modern spoils us with blockbuster shows and (sometimes) quirky Turbine hall installations...while the original Tate, Tate Britain, seemed kinda sleeping or dormant in Pimlico, fading away.....The last time i went to the Tate Britain was for the Peter Doig show, and as a venue it seemed like it was fading into blue rinse land (lovely vistas for the grannies)...but this weekend everything changed...this weekend Tate Britain knocked it out the park and visually showed that it still could fuck you up with the best of the other major fact it felt more inspiring and representing the now and the future than any other space right now in London (with this show - not as a whole)....why the change? Altermodern.
There. thats it...this blog post could finish now...really...GO...its not life changing, revolutionary or the best modern art show ever seen in recent times in London, no way its just a fucking great show that is huge and well worth the £8 entry fee...There are a few OK so-so pieces, but there are some amazing fact many!
Many critics rightly point out that there is too much work, but i didnt find it uncomfortable....and in a way its a back handed compliment...theres too many interesting pieces here? thats a good thing!!!
I was really inspired and invigorated with this show...and its just a shitter that theres no photography or widely available pictures released so i cant show you my personal highlights....but if you want to kill an afternoon (or day...) go and lose yourself at Tate Britain...two big fat Dilly thumbs up.
PS also goto the drawing rooms to check out the David Shrigley pieces...and behind the Altermodern theres a giant Bamboo installation....and the sixties pop art collection by the shop...oh shit man...i might go back!

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