Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Printed matter Round up pt2

Whilst in Hamburg i was lucky enough to have some great great friends who very kindly gave me some of their great great printed zines / books...and they all blew me away and im very very lucky - THANK YOU!
PS Chimp i will blog the zine when i unpack my suitcase and find it!!!!

Splitting of the Atom by Stefan Marx
Wow...beautiful beautiful BEAUTIFUL book for Stefan Marxs show in Hamburg a few months back, this has so much work it almost makes you wanna give up doing art! its so good!!! If you got the Nieves book...YOU NEED THIS...i dont know where you get it though?!?!!?! Truly, this and the following Stefan book blogged, are perhaps the best things hes ever put out!

Lousy Animals & Friends Colouring Book
Beautifully large on gorgeous paper...this is a colouring in books for big kids that i wish was printed in huge runs so kids could do their thing on Stefans (usual) awesome drawings...so so good.

Senior B aka Mr Burns is a one of my favourite Munchen Maestros when it comes to partying and painting...and as well as dropping awesome comic customising of cardboard boxes, producing lovely babies and cooking up a bavarian breakfast to destroy kings (sorry it went cold!)...he also manages to squeeze out great zines of his tighter than a cats asshole handstyles...this zine is awesome for 2 reasons....1) its themed to Johnny Cash 'Ring of fire' (Mr Burns remember)...

...and 2) the zine starts with a few large pieces....

...but over the course of a few pages (and hundreds of fresh handstyles)....they reduce so that the pages are fucking full of his handywork...too good!

Los Fotos by Vicious gallery and Sixfingers
Vicious gallery, who had me over for my show are also presenting a photo exhibition with Six Fingers, and to accompany it, they have brought out this lovely wide format booklet showing off the four artists involved...really good gutter photography, like works famed by Yelland or Boogie...i liked what i saw and glad i copped this...if your free in Hamburg, go to my show pick up a free copy!!!

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