Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This was my second trip to do a show in Hamburg (first one was with FKC a few years back) and this time it was so fucking amazing, im still wraping my head around it.
I have just updated WWW.THEPMHQ.COM with pictures so please go and have a butchers.
I was very pleased with the way the show turned out, the amazing parties we seemed to create (i had about 20+ people come out for it from the UK, Netherlands and Germany) and it was just amazing.
Sorry to everyone who emailed me while i was gone, but i am trying to catch up now on the mountain of mails (PS Erosie - too cute man!).
I would like to say a big fucking thank you to all at the Vicious gallery - super cool crew, destined to rule and all top drinkers. I wanna thank the jawdropping TW1 NLS, BBC (absinthe for breakfast is a must, as is brothels for hotels)... Bfree - always a pleasure man! ALWAYS!...Chimp (the tables will be turned and ill be there for you next time!)...Burns (thanks for the help hanging and cooking!) and everyone who came out to party / help (including everyone who made the opening night party bananas (ever been kicked out of your own opening? i have! so many stories....). I wanna thank everyone i met / know in hamburg, all the bars that served me.
I especially wanna thank sam for putting up with me during getting this show ready(and to still be my girlfriend after exlpaining visually what a 'windowlicker' is to Fortress and burns) ...I wanna say a huge thanks to Stefan Marx for being the fucking man and being my helper with the poster! you know we'll party together till we die (PS you must send me the link to your lovely girlfriends work!) im onit about London ;)...Christoph for inviting me, letting me come and show...without him, his cool head, shit wouldnt have happened - thank you truly, and no more stressing from me...Finally, THANK YOU X ETERNITY to Flying fortress for going BEYOND the call of duty and being so nice and helpful it was almost embarressing.....he was the ULTIMATE host and friend and im blown away still...you know you got a 20+ crew for life with your London Lucky star crew

see you in late July!


Home of the Mexican drink...and best wall display / jukebox (25 rolling stones / classic tracks for €2!)

Imagine your ultimate party drinking bar...this is it...if you see me ask me about this place...this place is worth going to hamburg for...the place legends are made...current no.1 drinking den IN THE WORLD

Stefans studio stash...so much stuff!!!

Me and Stefan had a beltoff...his laces / string VS my Hamburg €2 gold / diamante beaut!!! whos the winner? you decide...

from the impromptu party the night before the opening night...we caned over four crates of beer (100+ bottles roughly)....and we were only there for three hours...and i was supposed to paint...did i tell you that Hamburg is THE party town?

The gallery printed up some tees / sweats...they are nearly all sold out (woop!) but hit up vicious gallery if you want one (links on the right)

If i told you the opening night was rammed, youd probably think i was bullshitting....but hopefully photos dont lie, and this kinda shows you...

Heres some shit from the show...tomorrow ill update my website if your interested...


mjar said...

Looks like an awesome time was had sir
Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

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daniel said...


erosie said...

Looking swell dawg...Reeperbahn was made for you really! Is that Chubby on the pictures?

greets, J