Saturday, February 9, 2008


Alright, own up, who didnt send me the memo reading' this week will see your favourite artists dropping awesome books'? Anybody? Well someone screwed up, because this week my favourite artists are indeed dropping awesome books...first we had Maya Hayuks 'just good vibes' and now we have Bfrees collection of favourite black and white drawings. And like Mayas, its TOO GOOD.
Ever since i have known Bfree he has always been the master of the monochrome, and this book looks simply amazing (on a side note - anyone got good replacements for the words 'amazing' and 'awesome'? these are so overused on this blog right now...anyway....).
Limited to 1000 copies you know you need to cop this quick as this is an instant classic, and as the OG that he is, he will get bigger and bigger and if you dont get one now, youll just rue the day later on down the line...anyway, you can get this great great great book HERE (PS while your adding a copy of bfrees book in your shopping basket, look round the site and pick up some badges from FF, Delta, Parra or Erosie?)