Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Printed round up...

More Printed goodness thats come my way that i wanted to share with you...
1.Bones Stones Glory by Lewis
The latest installment of Lewis' always awesome photozines. These are his photojournals and unlike the hipster cliches of modern photojournalism (which is what we are sadly overexposed to), Lewis' work is something this case minimalist images that stay with you longer than most other photo zines ive seen recently.
I genuinly can't wait for the next one!

2. Monster Children
Ahhhh the latest issue from the Australian Kings.
OK so i blog for them (when i can)..but this magazine is honestly really,really, really ESSENTIAL...and not just because I like and know them, or that it has a great travis millard cover or that it features his work or the fact that the magazine has been taken over by Girl Skateboards Artdump (which always equals greatness)...its not just because of the page 33 stunner (though its def. a strong contender!), the reason its is fucking ESSENTIAL is because it comes with a DVD...but my god what a DVD!
The DVD features some stussy world tour documentaries (kaws,mr cartoon...), some great skate films, unreleased Spike Jonze videos, shorts on the artists shown at Monster Childrens gallery - French, Stefan Marx, Espo...good huh? yeah, but that aint ...its because...IT FEATURES HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT!
Now this film is worth buying a million copies of Monster Children magazine for, because it is simply one of the greatest documentaries EVER MADE.
During stoner converstaions ive had, when i have been asked 'if you could travel back in time, where would you go?'..ive always replied in a heartbeat 'Filming Heavy Metal Parking Lot'...its just the absolute shit....and for those of you clueless to it, its a documentary recording the crowd before a classic Judas Priest gig in the eighties and it is just the definition of metal bro cool...words fail me..
rating? a millionbillion outta five...its that great.
(FAO Monster Children - guys, the mags awesome, but you just destroyed any magazine freebie ever by giving away this dvd)


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