Thursday, August 9, 2007


Everyone,lets be honest.
Michel Gondry and Mos Def are amazing but both really havent fulfilled their potential of amazingness in cinema yet...really...i mean they havent truly clicked so far. Tell me im wrong. You cant.
Mos Def is one of the most charismatic people out there, and as soon as he said he was gonna focus on movies, i thought it would be a quick rise to the top...but hes stalled (16 blocks? italian job?)...
Michel Gondry. Flashes of his genius, but nothing thats caught the world on fire (being niche and true to yourself is good and all, but his videos seems to flow much better than his films). And i tend to think he tries to heard when hes making a film, it sometimes seems overthought out sometimes, and the films are never a great package, just some great moments / ideas..
But for these two, things are about to change...

Be Kind Rewind.

Jack Black & Mos Def...what a fucking dream paring (unless you hate the Jack Black). It so works.
Michel Gondry with a film that doesnt feel as forced as his previous efforts. It feels like his video work - instant, childlike, fun..and the film ends up looking like a goodie.

PS Yes it does look a bit twee cheese but fuck it! looks watchable to me!

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