Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Printed matter

Amongst the madness of last week (putting the show up and everything), i still managed to cop some great great printed matter, which of course follows shortly....
1-Erosies 'Zap the scribble face'
A zine that contains sketches of faces that Erosie drew while channel surfing his TV. The zine really shows Erosies great hand and pencil skills, putting so much personality in each face, its a real beacon of goodness to all the mediocre/shit stuff thats floating around at the moment.This zine is honestly one of my favorite zines i have got recently, super good stuff - but its Erosie! what else would it be other than fucking great?
PS if you like Erosie theres a real nice canvas in my lil group show...and watch out for E's upcoming dreambags show - now THATs gonna be show of the year

2-The Pointer Art Collective (featuring The Side Effects of Urethane, The Blank Tape Spillage Fete, Saving up to Become An Octopus & Awaken! Slumber Maps & Giffle)
First up thank you Marcus for hooking me up with this. This is a really really amazing collection of books brought from the Pointer shoes crew. Pacakaged in a lovely card die cut sleeve, the moment you pick this up you really can feel the quality. This is one of those cases where the saying ' dont judge a book by its cover' is a load of rubbish, because in this case the cover is fucking nice.
Inside is four small books reflecting some of Pointers favourite inspirations and friends, and every title is amazing (im running out of words for very good - can you tell?), but the one that i was anxious to see was the Effects of Urethane and i wasnt dissapointed. TSEOU (to cut it short) has been a bit of an inspiration for me, and this book is a great taster for all the great and inspiring work they have done (bring on the big tome!). The other titles are new to me, but were lovely surprises and there really wasnt a weak link in the whole pacakage. I dont know where you can pick this up but if i were you i would definitly put on my sherlock holmes hat and get out there and track it down!

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