Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Butkus Ouch

Sometimes it hurts when your broke...and no, i'm not talking about all your bones getting all crunched up but like your so poor you dont eat dinner for a few nights (who needs food?) or you have to walk instead of getting the bus...but its all good because these are things that fall under the 'lifes luxuries' and it dont really matter because by next week youll forget all about your little sacrafices... but sometimes IT REALLY HURTS TO BE BROKE...and this is one of those times...We are given a rare chance to get some Noah Butkus originals for talking prints for £20, and fantastic original works for either £150 or £300...i wish i could have em all!


1 comment:

headphonesex said...

I saw these earlier today... was very tempted, but I'd spent all my money on Bast & Faile this week / month!

I saw you're a bit of a bast fan... so I won't say that I got that fucking awesome pink Paris Hilton print. Shhhh!