Friday, September 19, 2008


Crystal Vision bring me what is one of my favorite zines EVER...what is it? its a zine filled with just images of Steven Segal and Pierce Brosnan. Why? Because its amazing. As said, one of my favorite zines ever

WOW! This is incredibly awesome. In 2005, Daryl Waller set up an email account for Axl Rose, and then went on some fan forums for Guns & Roses, and pretended he was Axl...this is a collection of his emails that he received...amazing concept and one of the best reads in such a long time!!! try to get a copy

Crafthunter aka Rory Gleeson
One of the Crystal Vision crew, here are two zines that showcase some of the heat this guy brings...from fantastical pysch space explorations via collages, drawings and patterns to recollections of his childhood, everything printed is amazing, no filler or good! My favorite is the word for word printing of his sisters letter to their mum apologising for something - including the spelling mistakes. Try for a copy

Rum & Coke
A zine from one of Bristols most hardcore party animals (see the bristol post soon - he's the guy with all the stickers)...well when hes not pissed or fucked, he's producing awesome zines recounting the madness...kinda like hearts of darkness on paper...awesome. try if you want one

Rhys & Chris 'Can i have my ball back?'
A beautifully printed zine themed around football flashbacks and incidents. Im not a huge football fan, but this had me laughing non-stop, and is well worth copping for a smile...try

Stephen Eichorn
Released for the the solo exhibition 'house plants' at Cairo gallery in Seattle, this zine shows Stephens contining exploration of house plants via collages, drawings and shape breakdown...really beatiful stuff, and it made me re-evaluate and fall in love with what I believed to be mundane...thanks Stephen!

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