Monday, September 8, 2008


This is a mother of a magazine...coming thick with the pages (bigger than some books - somewhere around the 450 pages!), this is £12 well well spent...why should you be buying this mag? well its got good spreads (and not stingy) with exclusives by Terry Richardson, Ryan McGinley, Dash Snow , Martin Kippeberg, Araki and more...BUT not only does it weigh in at 450 pages (and it aint raped by adverts either...) it comes with what is essentially a free Harmony Korine book and Terry Richardson zine on Italian porn maestro Rocco Siffredi...thats right - a big ol' well produced Harmony Korine book collecting his tv photos and a zine of Terry Richardson shooting know you want it! If not, get it and put it on the ol' ebay in a few years time...

Went to see the awesome Todd James show on the weekend...loved it, hes the best...I also loved the fact that a) its the first show i've purposely gone to Lazarides for and b) half the clientele were dissapointed as it didn't have spray drips, stencils or pretty things to hang on their bedrooms a la Anthony Micalf or whatever his name coincide with this most awesome of shows they have produced a limited edition book (500) which i copped, and of course, which you need in your ain't the best produced (dark jpegs ahoy!) but its Todd James artwork so naturally its a no-brainer

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