Monday, September 8, 2008

Hew Locke

In the streets of Shoreditch i found a fantastic new artist...and it has nothing to do street art bollocks,im talking the real, 'holy shit! thats awesome!' deal...and his name, his name was HEW LOCKE.
For me, i've always been drawn to the fantastical, the intricate or the mad pieces, pieces where you scratch your head and think 'fuck! how the fuck did that come into existence? how was it made / what was the artist smoking etc...'...the kind of pieces that wanna make you give up because your just awed, but also at the same time immensly inspiring..well if you like the sound of my ramblings then go see HEW LOCKEs new exhibition.
He has createdfigures from what seems like a forest folk militia...kind of like if Rammellzee was brought up in Indian Farthing wood rather NY....The show is in Rivington St, and you really really shouldn't miss it

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