Wednesday, April 16, 2008


If your in central London and fancy seeing a great photo exhibition, i recommend the awesome I CANT BELIEVE A GIRLS PLAYING ME METALLICA by Valerie Phillips.
The name alone should guarantee your attendance, but what is the show? Its a show to accompany the release of the book 'I can't believe a girls playing me metallica'... and its a great collection of images that really portrays the fun and friendship between the photographer and the muse... sometimes, this kind of show feels a bit cliquey (like your an unwanted gatecrasher) or forced (like a mcginley wannabe), but here its spot on and leaves the viewer with a grin and a zest for life to go out and have some fun of your own and hang with your friends (although i might leave the spock ears out)...its rad, and you should go!
Its at the cornell spaceship gallery 3-4a little portland st, w1.

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Rollergirl said...

I went today, it's fabbo!