Sunday, April 20, 2008


As a kid, Mad magazine was one of my biggest influences, and the highlight for me was always the genius of Al Jaffees AWESOME fold-ins at the back (close second - Sergio Aragones small doodle strips between panels..but i deviate!)...Every time i got a new issue - straight to the back and fold that cover good...and everytime it blew my tiny pathetic mind!!! i was a magician, yet still just a kid...even though it was a dumb one page from mad magazine, it was pure gold to me and i still think they rule hard! So it put a smile on my face when the NY times paid a little salute to them with a historic look back via a bit of internet multimedia magic of their own...HERE

also check the Beck homage to the mad fold in...

PS cool thing from Wikipedia "In 2006, Stephen Colbert saluted Jaffee's 85th birthday with a "fold-in" birthday cake; after the center slice was removed, the remainder spelled out the message "AL, YOU ARE OLD."...chortle!

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