Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Showround up

There is some serious heat on gallery walls at the moment, you might have seen some on the net, or if lucky enough, in person...if not, check these shows out immediatly...

1-Espo @ V1 Gallery, Copenhagen
Serious serious love and respect for Espo, great artist, guy and style icon (suits and hair always on point)...wish i was at v1 gallery for this one (perhaps the best new gallery in europe alongside vicious gallery? definatly!)

Related and half inched from the Woost'.com

OPEN AIR from knox on Vimeo

2- So-Me @ Lazy Dog, Paris
'Blinded by the light'...ed banger visual maestro drops his first (?) show proper in his drum of Paris...shelter from the riots here and feel the goodness...

3- Ms. Van, ParisIf girls, or women,are serious DUDES then Ms Van is one, but that makes her a dudette? nah thats rubbish, Ms Van is simply one of the coolest on the block and has been for years before you even knew how to spell cool (and that aint mean shes old, she aint, shes simply been cooler longer than you or I!)...


Lou said...

I love how I re-released the Open Air Video just as Espo is all up in the news again. Coincidence.

Meeting Steve was one of the highlights of my life, thanks for posting my video on your page.


cth0mp777 said...

Open Air is such a good film. I dig your blog too by the way.