Sunday, November 4, 2007

Nadine Byrne

God knows how but somhow Nadine Byrne stumbled on this shitty blog and thank fuck she did! You see the other day the postman came and gave me a great evelope containing her three fantastic zines - HELLO, WE ARE HERE LIKE POLTERGEIST! and WHITE NOTHING BLACK DESPAIR.
These zines are awesome. Her styles are nice and varied, going from fort thunder neu pysc radness to sweet (yet with a dark warped underside) illustration that recall McKinnes, Reyes and Templeton...but the only reason i metion these names is not because she copies them - she doesnt in any way, its just the best way to describe them....serious, these zines are, diary extracts, text, illustration, paintings,, if you like really nice zines, goto her blog (link to the right, now added in my links section) and try and get will definitly see something you like!
Also, as if putting out great zines isn't enough, inside the package was a cd by her and her sister who form together like a dark experimental Voltron to produce music under the name of ECTOPLASM GIRLS...and its great! It sounds like a modern Kenneth Anger soundtrack, which given my love to the old genius is right up my fucking alley... check their myspace here
Thank you Nadine!

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