Wednesday, November 21, 2007


sorry its been quiet here but i have been a busy bee working on my own art (hamburg show february 23rd '08!)...but i saw this on the vice blog and it makes me cry that there is such a shit street art book released, it really does....sweet jesus do i agree with this vice article.
I am fully down with people voicing their opinions through art and i know we live in a horribly scary political time with lives being lost over greed, but sweet jesus AM I BORED TO SHIT with the millions and millions of boring boring uninspired pieces of (shit) art based on bush/blair/iraqwar. With few exceptions everything will be forgotten in a few years time (how many anti vietnam war pieces do you remember?) and i treat this art subject (the war) like a song, if your gonna do a cover version (repeat whats been done before)- do your own take on it or make it the best version ever...sadly nobody does!!! CHANGE THE FUCKING RECORD


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