Sunday, April 5, 2009

Patrick Griffin

Patrick Griffin, is one of my favorite artists in the contemporary New York art scene. From unleashing chrome on the streets of the big apple, creating large scale replicas of vintage enamel badges through to documenting life through a lens and making zines, he is the kind of creative jack of all trades that i like and one trick pony bullshit stopping at this station.
Recently I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of his latest zine 'You may be sweet and nice but that wont keep you warm at night' and a copy of Frenemies 3.
'You may be sweet...' is a large a4 sized photocopied collection of photographs, occasionally buffed out by technicolor post it notes (a nice new trick in the zine world)...and the images inside contrast the obviously fake models pearly white smile on the cover - these photos, are at times optimistic, but they are also sad and well as fun and real..basic elements that make up living in the modern city (be it NY or London...or Paris or Barcelona etc)...all in all good shit as usual from Mr Griffin!
Frenemies 3, his earlier zine, is the same deal - a collection of his street level life photographs...but all the time these images fresh and exciting...yeah we've seen drugs and dead animals before...but when somethings done well, its still good.
If you can get your hands on these zines, i cant reccommend these highly enough...i love personal views into peoples lives, for the good times and the bad..and if you too like life too without photoshop or regards for morals of a polite society...then get these!!! and if you cant get these, then get over to tiny vices asap and get his book...remember his name, you'll be hearing a lot more soon as he blows up

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