Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Almost forgot to post this banger of a show! that would have been criminal!!! Another JaguarShoes show, another classic...this time its a showcase for ithoughtiwasalone.com, a great website showcasing great photography...needless to say attendance should be compulsory for all Londoners...
Jagbags 3rd July - be there!

Monday, June 23, 2008




If only i had more money...that is a scream i often howl...you know, when a super limited book wings its way past you, but you havent got enough cash to pay for your lunch, let alone a limited edition art book, or when you go to a show and your favourite artist is selling their work cheap, and you know its a steal that you will kick yourself over in the future, but again, your funds are so low they're shaking hands with negative numbers. Well, a show in Paris has just dropped that makes me wish i had enough money to grab a ticket to Paris to check this show out...its like one of my perfect shows...and it starts with its name DRIPSY!
DRIPSY features a dream line up of artists from a graf background that are making extremly interesting, beautiful and awesome works such as barry mcgee, steve powers, pablo cots (fuck yeah!), the ERS, olivier kosta thefaine and Didier marcel to name but a few of the awesome lineups...
i cant fucking wait for the accompanying catalogue to drop from Kitchen 93, but until then...its on here

Key Hiraga

A Show has been Reccomended that i havent seen yet, but looks promising enough to shove on this here blog...its Japanese Key Hiraga (whose work reminds me of Keiichi Tanaami) and is on at Mayor gallery, 22a cork street w1s 3na
PS Cheers Marcus!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Monday, June 16, 2008

Mike Sacks screengrabs

Mike Sacks has posted some cool screengrabs from American TV...
*Link originally found on 'its nice that' blog

Friday, June 6, 2008

Bankhead closer

A few years back, i was lucky enough to interview one of my inspirational heroes - Will Bankhead. He was a super cool guy and since the end of MoWax he has been busy with Answer and honest Jons...however, you might have glimpsed on the net recently, he has a new project on the go which sounds like it could be especially awesome...for the lodown, check the interview on Enemies closer (which is a fantastic site).
Will Bankhead on Enemiescloser

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


My Hamburg familia have just got a HOT new show up and runnin' - HNT, POCH, STAK and RCF1...what more can i say?It looks amazing (link stolen via eko)...wish i was there!!!!

London Shows this week!

hey guys...another of my apologies for being so shit and slack on the updating of this lil piece of shit blog...but it has been bank holiday recently and i took a little time off, plus London has had lots going on in terms of shows that you should check out!!!
Theres the Chapman brothers Hell.2 at the white cube which looks amazing (again) and Pyscho buildings at the Hayward looks like it could be interesting (CTHULU!!!). On the streetart kinda tip theres of course the Tate show which you should see in the flesh for a sense of scale and colour (the Os Gemeos colours really burn brightly)...then theres Pinky who has his show at Old Shoreditch Cafe which is classic Pinky- pyschadelic wig out texts, skulls and papercuts...oh and check out good boy Word to Mothers solo show at Stolen Space....but for me the best show in London (although all the previous are rad) is at Nog gallery.....
Nog has undergone a transformation recently setting it up as one of the premier spots in old London town. It started with Marcus Oakleys show (for IZ rock - yes yes J. Allen!), but since then they have redone downstairs for this KILLER show.
Its curated by the lovely and awesome Rich Jacobs (a DUDE), with upstairs being a full on amazing art show, and downstairs perhaps the BEST SKATE HISTORY LESSON SEEN IN LONDON....
So upstairs. For me, i was mad excited to see some of these artists in the flesh (via their art) after fanning out on the web for far too long, yet no-one in London actually showing their work...until now!!! great great new work by NECKFACE, TAYLOR MCKIMENS, HISHAM BHAROOCHA, RICH JACOBS and MATT LEINES to name but a few!!!! So literally, already this show has killed it. Its Over...and youve only just arrived!!!! so check out upstairs, but then go downstairs for the killer KO visual punch...

Downstairs...its very rare that i get awestruck...but my god, downstairs is fucking amazing. It is wall to wall, ceiling to floor, stuffed with zines, flyers (black flag, misfits), books and misc bits and bobs...i could literally be there for hours...serious, i think this is one of my favourite shows of the last few years, but i think just because it connects to so many things and styles that i love.
It is an exploration of the zine culutre of skateboarding so you get early Templeton, Yelland, Johanson, Gonzales zines...you get rad flyers for shows you dreamed of attending...its just so fucking good.
Its all from the personal collection of Rich Jacobs who lovingly put this together, and if you are in London YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS SHOW...if not though, it looks like there might be a book on the horizon (like a mix of Fucked up and photocopied with Dysfunctional)...and also, as i helped with the set up - you should see what they couldnt fit in!!! SO GOOD

Early Ed Templeton Zines!!!


The name Samuel Francois appears a lot on this blog, and if you know me personally, i have probably bored you to death with talk of how awesome this guy is...but hey, hes fucking amazing, and his new show has dropped, and what a surprise - ITS AMAZING...again!...GLLTN has the scoop - head there for more pictures!

Printed matter Round up June pt1

Venom 4 by THE SERPS
Australia is one of the worlds hotspots when it comes to music, art & fashion...and one of the crews going hardest over there has to be the legendary SERPS crew. If your not up on the SERPS (note: they are so good I have to write their name in full on caps...) then this is the perfect jumpoff for the uninitiated - VENOM 4.
This zine is a paper museum dedicated to the SERPS crew, cataloging all their zines, tees and various artifacts (including their great mixcd series ROLLCALL...), all this and they have time and spaceto show a small selection from their mountain of photographs taken over their many many adventures (painting, partying and cockfighting).
On top of this they even have a great recipe in there...in fact its one of the best recipes ive read for a loooong time (in regards to Onions - 'man the fuck up. Cut them up posh spice -super thin strips") and id love to see them drop a full on cookery book!!!
Serious, The SERPS rule, i love them, and every zine that they (regularly) drop is an instant smile maker, and if you wanna be down with the SERPS then head here and here
PS VENOM 4 is winner of zine cover of 08 so far...

4 Men on year 9 camp by The Serps
Just above ive just talked (or typed) about THE SERPS and mentioned that they regularly drop zines...lo and behold! their latest great installment drops - 4 men on year 9 camp...an outback adventure.
Whats inside is a travel diary of their camping expedition to the wilds of Australia (or according to the cover, Alice Springs..) and it makes for a great mix of good photography and funny personal moments. Theres not much really more to say apart from that its fantastic and you should get it!
As a little side note, my mate Kris from Brick Lanes NOG space i think is trying to get the Serps zines in, so keep your eye out in Brick Lane if you wanna get a copy!!!

Evidence of Bilocation
The Lower East Side Studio in Vancouver kindly sent me this beautiful catalogue to accompany their recent series of exhibitions at their space, featuring favourites like Joseph hart, Mark DeLong and the Chapuisat brothers...but i guess it was gonna be hot when my pal Mike Swaney is one of the curators!
What they have done is to play on the theory of Doppelgangers, matching a canadian artist with an artist in the same field from around the globe....with the fields represented being Mixed Media, Drawing and Installation.
The catalogue, artists picked and work shown is all fantastic, and as a catalogue it hits the right spot in that it makes me wish i could have witnessed the show first hand! Nice!

Candian Idyll
A beautifully presented collection of images from a new Canadian photographer Matthew Koudys. I really liked the work shown (a mix of personal shots and snowy landscapes perfectly complemented by the photocopy process), and I cant wait to see more from this photographer! check his stuff out here