Monday, June 23, 2008


If only i had more money...that is a scream i often know, when a super limited book wings its way past you, but you havent got enough cash to pay for your lunch, let alone a limited edition art book, or when you go to a show and your favourite artist is selling their work cheap, and you know its a steal that you will kick yourself over in the future, but again, your funds are so low they're shaking hands with negative numbers. Well, a show in Paris has just dropped that makes me wish i had enough money to grab a ticket to Paris to check this show out...its like one of my perfect shows...and it starts with its name DRIPSY!
DRIPSY features a dream line up of artists from a graf background that are making extremly interesting, beautiful and awesome works such as barry mcgee, steve powers, pablo cots (fuck yeah!), the ERS, olivier kosta thefaine and Didier marcel to name but a few of the awesome lineups...
i cant fucking wait for the accompanying catalogue to drop from Kitchen 93, but until then...its on here

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