Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Printed matter Round up June pt1

Venom 4 by THE SERPS
Australia is one of the worlds hotspots when it comes to music, art & fashion...and one of the crews going hardest over there has to be the legendary SERPS crew. If your not up on the SERPS (note: they are so good I have to write their name in full on caps...) then this is the perfect jumpoff for the uninitiated - VENOM 4.
This zine is a paper museum dedicated to the SERPS crew, cataloging all their zines, tees and various artifacts (including their great mixcd series ROLLCALL...), all this and they have time and spaceto show a small selection from their mountain of photographs taken over their many many adventures (painting, partying and cockfighting).
On top of this they even have a great recipe in there...in fact its one of the best recipes ive read for a loooong time (in regards to Onions - 'man the fuck up. Cut them up posh spice -super thin strips") and id love to see them drop a full on cookery book!!!
Serious, The SERPS rule, i love them, and every zine that they (regularly) drop is an instant smile maker, and if you wanna be down with the SERPS then head here and here
PS VENOM 4 is winner of zine cover of 08 so far...

4 Men on year 9 camp by The Serps
Just above ive just talked (or typed) about THE SERPS and mentioned that they regularly drop zines...lo and behold! their latest great installment drops - 4 men on year 9 camp...an outback adventure.
Whats inside is a travel diary of their camping expedition to the wilds of Australia (or according to the cover, Alice Springs..) and it makes for a great mix of good photography and funny personal moments. Theres not much really more to say apart from that its fantastic and you should get it!
As a little side note, my mate Kris from Brick Lanes NOG space i think is trying to get the Serps zines in, so keep your eye out in Brick Lane if you wanna get a copy!!!

Evidence of Bilocation
The Lower East Side Studio in Vancouver kindly sent me this beautiful catalogue to accompany their recent series of exhibitions at their space, featuring favourites like Joseph hart, Mark DeLong and the Chapuisat brothers...but i guess it was gonna be hot when my pal Mike Swaney is one of the curators!
What they have done is to play on the theory of Doppelgangers, matching a canadian artist with an artist in the same field from around the globe....with the fields represented being Mixed Media, Drawing and Installation.
The catalogue, artists picked and work shown is all fantastic, and as a catalogue it hits the right spot in that it makes me wish i could have witnessed the show first hand! Nice!

Candian Idyll
A beautifully presented collection of images from a new Canadian photographer Matthew Koudys. I really liked the work shown (a mix of personal shots and snowy landscapes perfectly complemented by the photocopy process), and I cant wait to see more from this photographer! check his stuff out here

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