Sunday, March 9, 2008

Zine Roundup

FUUUCCCKKK ME this post has taken AGES to upload thanks to a super slow Blogger....anyway, heres some zines that ive recently been hooked up with thanks to Lewis and Vickie

Lewis hooked me up with his latest photojournal 'KNIFE IN GROIN'...and it is up to his previous high standards that his last few zines created...super nice stuff...

My good friend Vickie hooked me up with Rhys Corens latest and also the new titles from jaguar shoes.
Rhys was in the Dillys 'Another Group Show' and is one of the UKs rising talents thanks to a great eye, a great sense of humour and an unquenchable thirst for parties and drink (cider if your at the bar). This zine is of his guilty cds that he still has

Jaguar Shoes has also dropped two more zines, that accompany the recent suzy q and crystal visions shows.
The Crystal Vision show for me is Londons best show of 2008 so far (with 96 gillespies Needles and Pens a close close second), and this zine is their paper collection of images from said amazing show.

The Suzi Q zine...never seen much of her stuff, but i really like her stuff, and cant wait to see more.

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