Monday, March 31, 2008

DJ Cherrystones & Pete Fowler podcasts PLUS Group Inerane MP3

DJ Cherrystones and Pete Fowler have started putting up podcasts exposing their vinyl get listening and downloading - perfect for the oncoming summer!!!
while we're on the topic of good pysch music i present this cool mp3 present for a way to make up of not posting for a long while..but i guess you have to like african pysch drone music to appreciate it!
This has been BANGING out of my speakers since i got a copy, and no shit have the neighbours been transported to Niger with this beast too - thanks to my violently loud musical freakouts. Anyway, this is part of that new wave of west african music made by geniuses who now hold guitars instead of ak47s with the biggest exports being Tiniwaren...if this is all news to you, check an artickle Pitchfork just did here that you should check out..but for me, my band is Group Inerane, and heres what the Picthfork say in their review 'Group Inerane are a hard band to hear, because their only Western release was a 1,000-copy vinyl pressing by the good people at Sublime Frequencies last year, but if given the chance do hear them...' well heres an mp3 which is san fran/texas acid freakout by the way of west africa...the soundtrack to lawrence of arabia, if lawrence of arabia was Roky Erickson...oh yeah YOU MUST PLAY AT NOSE BLEED VOLUME....i hope you enjoy it as much as i do!
Group Inerana 'nadan al kazawnin'

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