Monday, June 1, 2009

Pete Fowler

Got this in the mail from Pete Fowler...always putting on great Psych nights..

'Quick heads up on our next Psychedelic Jamboree night at the Big Chill Bar off Brick Lane on June 10th.

We are happy to announce that our very special guest DJ for the night is none other than Gruff Rhys from
Super Furry Animals. Expect Turk Psyche sevens and obscure spaced out international AND domestic treats.
Also confirmed for our August 12th night is the lovely Fred Deakin of Lemon Jelly and Airside fame who put out
one of the best compilation/mix CD's last year called Nu Balearica. This CD has had some heavy rotation at
Monsterism Towers so expect some galaxial discoid and what ever else he decides to bless us with!
The July 8th guest has yet to be confirmed but we'll let you know as soon as we get that nailed.

all the beast and see you there,
Pete and Jon
(Big thanks to Richard Norris for playing his amazing selection at the last night)'

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