Tuesday, January 13, 2009


These have a Bristol theme...

I believe its an edition of 50
by Egs, Pinky & R.Maurice
Pinky hooked me up with this cool zine that was made in conjunction with The Universal exhibition in Bristol by Pinky, Egs & R.Maurice (who some of you might know by his other alias Gassius...). Its a small zine that i loved, but it didnt half make me sick with envy that i missed the show.
If you know any of these artists, then you know what to expect - full on factor 12 mind warping neu age pysch...this zine is loose and fun, and it perfectly suits each artists styles...heres hoping there'll be more shows and zines!

edition of 50
by BLC (Black Lung Crew)
Recently i got an email from a dude called 'Ed' in Bristol.
He asked me if i wanted a copy of his zine...needless to say the answer was an instant YES...and this is the result...another reason to show that UK photography zines are in rude rude health.
A nicely printed black and white collection of abstract and minimal everyday images - people, patterns etc...it is great. Not much is known other than i got sent it by a dude called Ed, it is marked by BLC...but i do wanna see more!

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