Monday, October 20, 2008


Silence is golden...true, but when it comes to this blog combined with my big mouth its just plain where am i? where the updates? well its a disasterous blend of being ridiculously busy and having AWFUL internet connection at the moment (45minutes for an email? what is this 1994 again?) i left my camera at the BFI over the weekend (Beautiful Losers premiere) which i have to pick up, but trust me theres some posts coming in the next few days so please keep checking back - especially for a Martin Bell large dose of super awesome stuff
HOWEVER...theres one reason for my silence that needs your help!
Im in a big competition here in England, for VICE magazine, Independent newspaper & yahoo... im trying to hustle up some votes, as I can win £10,000 - which would change my life and bring back the Dilly better than before!!!
So i would be honoured if a) you could consider voting for me (and you can vote once a day - but once would be rad!) and...b) if you could forward it to anyone who you think might be interested in voting for me...
it would be amazing if you could help me gain 1+ extra votes, and i would make it up to you and everyone who votes for me (if i win or not)....but of course more votes the better!!!
On a personal level it would actually change my life - i could get a studio, move in with my girl, clear credit card debts (most of it through Dilly shows, zines and art stuff), restart printing Dilly zines (and of a higher quality, and cheaper price!) , finance my first london solo show and adopt an orangutang!!!! so it would mean a lot to me!
i HATE competitions, especially 'creative' competitions (everyone else who doesnt win is somehow not as good creatively? rubbish! everyones rad!...) BUT like i said, im in it and if i were to win (and i never win stuff so im not holding out) it would truly change my life, and due to my nature of promoting artists when i get the cash, it would have a knock on to any help would be amazingly appreciated!
THANK YOU....the Dilly blog will be back to usual business as soon as i kill my internet provider



yeah, got you a bunch of votes already!

the trailer made me feel funny...

rimrimrim said...

"a voté !" (in french)

mjar said...

The best of luck sir, have voted a few times already, will blog later and help get the word out.