Wednesday, May 7, 2008


NEXT FRIDAY...DINGLE DONGLE STRIKES AGAIN!!! Everybody is invited!!!! The usual summit of djs is attending including me and the flyers artist - Marcus Oakley...expect the usual mayhem of garage rock, classic hip hop (epmd etc), disco, punk, fleetwood mac, metal and everything that shakes your buns of its gonna be a good one! And hopefully there wont be a mass bar brawl like last time!!!

As we're on about music with this post, heres a remix im currently loving in the sun...perfect ipod music...and before you say anything, remixing M.I.A is about as underground and hip as remixing Justice, I know I know...but fuck it, if its good...its good, and heres the excellents Holy Fuck's take on things...HOLY FUCK VS M.I.A

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