Sunday, January 6, 2008

Human 5 R.I.P

Human Five, one of the worlds most exciting (and overlooked in my opinion...) art groups has come to an, if this was a band who split it would be a sad day, as it would mean a shit future of nothingness or back to the old day job at the factory...but this aint no band, this is human five, and all the individual members are already locked on course for bigger and better things .. so it is kinda sad news, but in the big picture everythings a ok for them, so this is more a celebration than a funeral of their talents ... but if your in barcelona, make sure to check the show...i knew i would if i had a) more that £0 in the bank

"Hi all,

I would like to invite you to the last and first show in Europe of my collective, Humanfive.
It will be the last one because after 8 years working together, we've decided after this show that the group will come
to an end because of natural reasons.
The show's title is "Kick the Bucket" and it will run through to mid-February.
I hope to see you all there!

January 10th at 8 PM
Galeria Victor Saavedra
C/ Enric Granados, 97"

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Basco5 said...

Oh man that's really sad for me personally, I grew up in Vancouver when Humanfive was in there hay day. I was hugely inspired by them when I first starting out in the art thing many years ago. Even though there style changed over the years I always respected there originallity, and they way they brought so much uniqueness and D.I.Y. to each piece. Not to mention there street art/graffiti style was way a head of it's time (it opened my eyes). The next beer I have with be in memory of them.

Cheers Humanfive, this is one artist you have inspired much.

From a sad Basco5
Copenhagen Denmark