Monday, December 17, 2007


The photgraphers gallery is always a must see when im in central London and at the moment both of their galleries have interesting shit going favourite was the Antoine D'Agata show...really awesome, your gotta GOTTA see if it if your a fan of Larry Clark, Chris Cunningham, Boogie or Christopher Doyle (cinematographer for Wong Kar Wei)...D'Agata has a huge selection of his photos on display, all taken at night, and they really do capture his life in the seedy underworld of semen stained beds and broken souls in lonely bars...his work really made me feel dizzy and dirty, but i thought it was fantastic... some of his works using blurring of the camera makes his subjects look like aphex twins was really was all kinda like those Vice photo issues but done before vice was in nappies, and better...the other show is exploring the paranormal...AWESOME! the work is very hit and miss but worth seeing nevertheless...hilarious ectoplasm in victorian seances and cool ara photos...i was glad i caught it.
So if your in central London, check out the photographers gallery Good shit going down...

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