Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Sorry its been silent around here for a while, but ive been mightily busy off this blog, all of which will be revealed very very shortly.. oh and if anyone is around friday (old st area) and wanna her the Faliraki Gangbang (which i am part of) play some music then please come along and get messy...apparantly i have a cheap entry list (£5) so if interested email me and ill try and work out getting you on it -
PS we're on at 12oclock i think..

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Inner city

This show looks like itll be a great one, but then again it is at one of my favourite London spots...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

London heavy hitters

Anyone out around East London must be fucking stupid if they havent bumped across a giant pair of teeth on a wall or Teks trident by now, and if you have and want more or havent but wanna know what the hell im gabbling on about...check the Before Chrome blog

Before Chrome


Get them pennies correct!

I hate my acne

One of Madrids finest, Ezba aka I hate my acne has dropped a new blog as somewhere he can show his photos...check it out, bookmark that shit and keep checking back! Nice one E'!

I hate my Acne blog

Amie Dicke

Artist im currently really liking...Amie Dicke. Gothic horror on fashion with black masking tape, human hair and amazing paper cuts on fashion ads...real nice stuff...


Fed up of the same old same old blogs slanging the same justice rip off remixes and kanye west 'exclusives'? fancy something a little bit of the beaten track? if the answer is 'yay' then bark at the moon when you follow this link and dust of your dancing shoes....a great site from a genuine dude

Fervent Moon


Mike Mills has been around for a long long time killing it softly with his art that has snagged me since i first noticed him from the heady days of MoWax (via his visual sampler) and his work with the LA Beastie boy scene (covers, 'grand royal' etc) to his recent film and promo its good that hes got himself a website for us all to check out...The Mike Mills website

Mike Mills

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


On monday night i had the pleasure to hang out with Nuria when i went to say hi to Erosie (London better be at Dreambags tomorrow night! Its looking SHARP!)...and i didnt realise she had a if you havent been there yet, go check it out now!
The reason why she was in London for a few days was because she was nicing up a fancy Mexican restaurant in Covent garden called if your starving for mexican food in covent garden and wanna see some good art, head to 66 Chandons place

PS i did not in anyway get paid for that advert! although if theres a free fajita in it - fucking gimme!

Neasdens return to the bookshelf...

At last Neasden Control Centre are dropping a new book - 'Lost Control'!
This is a thing of greatness, as Neasden are amongst the finest of the UKs new millenium cannon of great illustrators/designers. I remember being blown away by their first book in 03 and im really happy to see a new book coming out with fresh work (also try and cop the ROJO book that came out last year). Long live the N.C.C!
Head over to their site, order the book and reaquaint yourself with how good N.C.C are...

Kanye So-Me

Gonna be blogged to death, but still too good to not blog...

Sunday, September 9, 2007


New Stolen Space

Plus dont be forgetting...
Erosie at dreambags this thursday, goldie (yes that Goldie) at Leonard St gallery, Blu@Lazarides and Dilly insider tip....Nuria is currently nicing up a Covent Garden restaurant...more details soon...

Taylor Mckimens X Tokyo

Got sent these of his new installation in Tokyo....HEAT!
PS dont forget these are made of cardboard...

24k GOLD (Andreas Samuelsson)

Christmas came early the other day when i got a mail from the very very super awesomly talented Andreas Samuelsson who wrote to me to let me know about his website....and fuck me its awesome! I had to stop myself at blogging 5 images from his website, because i could have easily posted nearly everything that is on there - so much niceness...check it out immediatly...Amazing work...thanks Andreas!

Andreas Samuelsson

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Atkinson Heat

Craig Atkinson, King of the awesome Cafe Royal, turns the printing press his way as he brings out some zine greatness from his hands and eyes. Two zines, 'Dialogue 7' features his illustration and collage work and then the second zine 'China' showcases photos he took while on a trip to surprise surprise - China!.
Both zines limted, both needed in your life, both from

'Dialogue 7'




Monday, September 3, 2007






John Chandler / Bone House Book

I aint no mathematician but i know this little sum....Comics = Rad. Great artists = Rad...Bone House Books, home of great comics and awesome illustrator John Chandler = Radx2. Easy!
Another easy thing to do is to click on this LINK and check out some real goodness being cooked in the UK
PS thanks Jason G!

PS Like that? GO HERE!


Like all genres (music,art etc) theres the SHIT work and then theres work of stone cold genius.
Street art as a genre seems to be playing dead... a stinkin' corpse raped by cash, an overflow of poor books cashing in on the bandwagon causing mass disinterest and posca weilding mediocracies
...however there are still people flying the flag for great great street art, people who are still hitting it out the park with great ideas at the base of their work, where the content of the piece is the most important thing, as opposed to how many drips they can shove on a canvas.... i am of course talking about el awesome Eltono and Nuria.
Pictures have gone online from their latest jaunt in Berlin, and as ever their show / project is a sold 10/10 for me.

Open your eyes

A new book from Glen E Friedman is always something worth celebrating. A NEW book on Fugazi being released is something so monumentally great that i feel virgins and goats need to be sacraficed to appease the good god above.
The boring spiel goes - "The 112-page, approx. 9”x11” hardcover book presents the best of Friedman’s unparalleled photographic documentation of Fugazi’s members in almost 200 color and black & white images captured by Friedman onstage and off between 1986 and Fugazi’s last U.S. concert in 2002.

KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN collects Friedman’s most illuminating Fugazi photos for the first time, complemented by a new 6,000 word essay, written by Fugazi and Friedman friend/ally Ian Svenonius of Washington, DC’s influential and legendary bands Nation of Ulysses and The Make-up, as well as insightful anecdotes from Friedman throughout."

The Dilly spiel goes - GO GET GO GET!